After purchasing this Revcon in late 2008 from her original owners, renovating and using her since, a new baby and a new job force me to sell.  I want my Revcon to go to a good home, so please contact me (info at revcon dot org) if you're interested.

Price: $14,500

- 1983 Revcon with Cantebury floorplan
- 33' long, sleeps 4 adults + up to 3 kids
- Heavily customized at factory by original owner
- Many systems upgrades, replacements, and rebuilds (see Details)
- Interior renovated 2009 (new padding, carpet, wall fabric, bedding, cushions, etc.)
- All paperwork, from manuals to repair receipts; original owner and I are extremely detail-oriented
- Located in Atlanta, Georgia

This is a perfect motorhome for those:
- Interested in RVing but leery of $100k+ price
- Experienced RVer looking to upgrade to Class A
- Revcon fans seeking the best available
- Desiring a second home that can be driven to the mountains, beach, big game, or just down the road

This Revcon runs smoothly and can be driven home today.  My family owned an older-model Revcon during my childhood, so when my wife supported the purchase of an RV I searched for over a year to find this one.  With only 72,000 miles she's one-of-a-kind, as is this opportunity to own a classic RV in such condition with a fully-documented history.  The original sticker was for $106,000, which is over $225,000 in today's dollars!

The Revcon Difference
Revcons are unique, rare, high-end motorhomes with a passionate owner group.  What makes them special?
- Front-drive means no drive shaft to the rear axle, so the vehicle has a lower center of gravity.  As such, it handles exceptionally well.
- Custom box channel frame makes it much more rigid than C-channel designs used in most motorhomes.
- Lightweight aluminum monocoque body further improves handling and fuel economy.
- Tandem rear axles reduces rear overhang, so the bumper/trailer hitch won't drag as much as other RVs.
- Aircraft aluminum used for exterior skin, frame and interior skin. Front and rear end caps are fiberglass.
- 2" high-density fiberglass insulation makes walls lighter than in most RVs, easy to clean, and nearly impervious to moisture.  Other RVs have laminated layers of fiberglass, wood, and foam, so any water leaks will quickly rot the wood.  Not Revcon.
- Underbelly is totally enclosed and stuffed with 6" of fiberglass insulation, which also reduces road noise.